It’s All About Me – A Poem

How dare you disturb me

Just to tell me your problems?

I don’t care.

It’s all about me.


Though I expect you

To shut up and listen

When I turn to you.

It’s all about me.


I couldn’t care less

That your marriage is a mess –

My delivery is late.

It’s all about me.


I wish you would stop

Coming back for more,

Who do you take me for?

It’s all about me.


Time to fight back

And get a restraining order,

The sooner the better –

I only care about me.



Can’t or Won’t? – A Poem

I can’t go to work today

I’m feeling quite ill,

I may need to take a vitamin pill.

Can’t or won’t?


I can’t run the marathon anymore,

My leg is broken

And is feeling very sore.

Can’t or won’t?


Sadly I can’t use those tea leaves,

Every time I do

They make me heave.

Can’t or won’t?


I can’t come to your wedding

Honestly, I would have tried

But unexpectedly

My friend just died.

Can’t or won’t?


Ever said that you can’t do something, and a skin-crawlingly annoying person responds with “can’t or won’t?”?  Well, this one’s for you!